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Would you sign a rental agreement for ShareHouse Earth?

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We were pleased to meet with a lot of people who replied “Yes! Sure!”, and to see the little sparkle in their eyes, as they agreed and signed the rental agreement:



“This Rental Agreement covers the terms and conditions that you agree to follow as a resident housemate tenant (Housemate/Tenant) living in our shared home (ShareHouse Earth).

TENANT acknowledges: ShareHouse Earth is shared home to 7 billion Housemates (and counting) and countless other tenant species. The ultimate Landlord M. Earth (Landlord) houses us on condition that we take care of ShareHouse Earth. Landlord reserves the right to keep the deposit for damage or misuse of resources or shared spaces.

HOUSEMATES agree: to look after the space that they share in common to make them liveable spaces for all. To co-operate to leave ShareHouse Earth in substantially the same state of cleanliness and the same – preferably better – condition as it was found.

TENANT acknowledges: that Tenant does not own the Planet but rents it from future generations. Tenant must do their part to take care of ShareHouse Earth and pay rent (Rent). As a fee for service, use and privilege, TENANT may pay Rent by actively looking after ShareHouse Earth. Tenant may pay Rent through actions such as activism, volunteering or contributing to projects that look after ShareHouse Earth for all future Housemates.”

Conceptual Artist: Laura Ballantyne-Brodie

Photographer: Claire Durand-Gasselin

Graphic Design: Vera Apuzen

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