About us

ShareHouse Earth is shared home to 7 billion people and counting. We don’t own our place here, we rent it from future generations. Landlord M. Earth has spoken – rent is due. The question we ask is, how do you pay yours?

Rent the World is a socially engaged art initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between the world as it is and a striking vision of how it could be.  Our projects are designed around the theme of the distinct metaphor of ShareHouse Earth: a shared home to 7 billion housemates (and counting), and countless other species.

Our Story 

After a chance encounter on a bus from Vancouver to Seattle with a veteran women’s rights activist – Jean Lacey – Rent the World was born.

Jean said:

“You must pay rent for the space you take on this Earth. The only way you can do that is by doing good deeds in your community.”

Jean said she lived according to the belief that everyone should pay their ‘rent’ for their space on Earth.