Environmental Impact

Reducing our impact and paying our rent

We are very mindful of our environmental impact and take active measures to reduce our footprint and contribute back our rent. We do this by applying these values at the office and at home in our personal lives.

Working towards a paperless office

Paper just isn’t in our culture. We use email, video conferencing, and various other collaborative tools, so we just don’t seem to need a lot of paper. There are about 10 pens, 3 notepads, and 1 printer in the whole office.


We recycle nearly everything at our office, although we haven’t yet figured out how to easily compost in the heart of New York City. If anyone has any ideas that don’t require earthworms, please let us know!

Location / Travel

One of the biggest benefits of living in a dense urban center is the low impact of the urban lifestyle. We do not drive but prefer to bike, take the bus or travel à pied.

We keep international meetings and conferences to a minimum, preferring to use technology to connect. Where we do take flights for overseas travel our policy is to purchase offsets.